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You did if you do nothing to stop them!

Of course I log onto my computer this morning and the first two stories I see are about two people being bullied online.  The first young lady had been targeted because a photo of her had gone viral.  She, dressed in a Tomb Raider’s Halloween costume, found comments under the photo calling her “Fridge Raider.” But, she didn’t just “take” it – she did something about it.

Next story:  A cute little teenager stumbles across a page on Facebook called “theHotsandtheNots” where photos of her friends had been posted with awful comments attached to each.  She proceeded to make positive comments on every person’s photo under the NOTS section of the horrible page.  Once she’d done that, the bullies then came after her.  Shortly after, she finds a photo of her on the NOTS page, but did that stop this cutie? …

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