If you’ve followed any of my blog posts, you know I’m a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club. Today I want to introduce you to another member, Linnea Tanner, because she wrote a series of books that opened my eyes to a genre I’d never thought of reading prior to reviewing her work.

Set in the early first century AD, these books follow the story of a young princess, Catrin, who experiences everything from being on top of the world while her father the king is in power, to falling in love with a forbidden Roman nobleman, to becoming a slave, and then a warrior. Through magic and sheer physical skill, she survives. But how?

This is the first book, where you meet Caitrin and learn the role the raven plays in her life. The second book is:

And finally, the third book:

I am not usually someone who would read this type of book; however, once I picked up Apollo’s Raven, I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t wait to read the next two books.

I was struck by the amount of research Tanner had to do to be able to complete this series, going back to the Roman Empire and early Celtic times. Since the Celtic heritage is my own, I only had cursory knowledge of what took place. Tanner takes you on a journey not only through Catrin’s life, but also through history, including the cruelty humans had for one another, especially what women had to endure, and the role ancient legends played in everyday life.

If anyone, like me, thinks this genre is not appealing, I recommend you think again. You will be captured by the intriguing writing that brings these characters to life. As they jump off the page and into your mind, you will get an important glimpse into the days when bloody battles were the norm rather than the exception, where slaves were bought and sold and brought into the arena as entertainment for the masses, and where women were not prized for much more than their sexual prowess. Catrin will show the reader that she’s more than that, thanks to author Linnea Tanner.

One last thing: If you read these books, my recommendation is that you read them in order. The magic is more potent that way!