Rox is one special author, web host and human being! Check her out!


As the President & Founder of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, I am always looking for ways to spotlight our most amazing members – to bring attention to their awesomeness that I am witness to.

Today, I’d like to put the spotlight on a member who is coming up on their 2 year anniversary with RRBCAuthor, Rox Burkey!I am anxious to tell you why you should watch and follow her lead closely.

These are the things that make her so special in my eyes…

  1. As a fairly new member, Rox jumped aboard our RAVE WAVES Team as the host of not one, but two shows! She quickly made theEYES ON THE BOOKShow hers early on, and with amazing flair she co-hosts theLET’S TALK ABOUT IT Show monthly with fellow member, Guy Worthey;
  2. If someone is on a blog tour, you will find Rox…

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