Welcome to Day 9 and the conclusion of the RWISA “REVOLUTION” Blog Tour!  We’d like to introduce you to an amazingly supportive RWISA member, Author, Nonnie Jules, who is also the Founder of RRBC & RWISA.  Take a peek at her writing below… A LIFE ISN’T WORTH LIVING…

The Tears Still Come

Over the past two nights, I’ve been watching a special on public television about the Black church. I am not Black. I do not attend a Black church. I admit to loving gospel music and Black history. I participated in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. But tonight’s episode showed footage of the Rev. […]

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Talk About a Field of Dreams…

During these challenging times, I’ve been immersed in politics, especially after the siege of the Nation’s Capitol building on January 6, 2021. I’ve been depressed and fearful for our country. Six people died during that incursion; many more were injured. Our country itself was irreparably damaged by people who have absconded with the title of […]

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RIP, Tri-City Valley Cats

Major League Baseball announced that it will no longer have an association with the Tri-City Valley Cats, a Troy, NY-based affiliate of the Houston Astros. I’ve spent many hours at the incredible stadium, known as “The Joe,” located near Hudson Valley Community College. The family-friendly atmosphere, coupled with amazingly high quality baseball and the ability […]

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I’ve only written one novel, Empty Seats. When it first came out, it was in the very capable distribution hands of Epigraph Publishing. They were incredible to me; I would recommend them to any new author. They’re located in Rhinebeck, New York, and I liked working with them. However, since sales have slowed, I decided […]

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Now the Real Work Begins

When I was in the second grade, I told my mother I wanted to be the first female president. She laughed and said, “You might as well want to become the first female Pope!” I will be 72 in three weeks, so simple math reveals this was long ago, in a galaxy far, far away. […]

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100th Anniversary of the Negro Leagues

If you’ve ever wanted to see Satchel Paige and the other stars from the Negro Leagues, go to the museum in Kansas City that’s celebrating the 100th year of when Rube Foster signed the charter creating the league. Satchel, on the mock “mound” above, stares down a “batter,” surrounded by some of the great bronze […]

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